July 09, 2012


I just realized: ILTV really needs a cold Start now. Recap from the recap, I guess. So, hello there! :)

What happened last: I went to England for a Week, came back, Summer started. For what I can say now, Summer in that City this Year really means tons of Water (from above) and a lot of Smell (from below).
Best things to do would be:

1. Travel somewhere else. The Netherlands wouldn´t be half that bad.
2. Eat. You should make the most of all the Fruits available now. Eat Berrys and Chanterelles all Day long.
3. Grab a raincoat and start visiting all the Museums here (or there). Holidays in your own City. Buy a Travel Map and dive into it.

This it what I will do for the coming Weeks: Intersperse Images from the last Weeks. Please don´t mind.

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