December 20, 2012


Annick from Blogue ta vie invited me to join her Idea "Blogarium" a while ago - and now my Package from Canada arrived!

Thanks so much to wonderful Marie-Éve for all those nice Gifts - you can visit her Blog here:

I already had one of the superdelicious Biscuits, they are also available at her bakery Toujours Dimanche in Matane, Canada - a perfect Place for Coffee, as far as I can tell from the Photos I´ve seen so far. Poor me I can´t read her Blog because I don´t understand French. For those of you who can: go, have a Glimpse.

Also: can´t wait to have a look at this Magazine (Style at Home, Special Issue) :)

And again: thanks Marie-Eve & Annick!

July 09, 2012


I just realized: ILTV really needs a cold Start now. Recap from the recap, I guess. So, hello there! :)

What happened last: I went to England for a Week, came back, Summer started. For what I can say now, Summer in that City this Year really means tons of Water (from above) and a lot of Smell (from below).
Best things to do would be:

1. Travel somewhere else. The Netherlands wouldn´t be half that bad.
2. Eat. You should make the most of all the Fruits available now. Eat Berrys and Chanterelles all Day long.
3. Grab a raincoat and start visiting all the Museums here (or there). Holidays in your own City. Buy a Travel Map and dive into it.

This it what I will do for the coming Weeks: Intersperse Images from the last Weeks. Please don´t mind.

May 07, 2012


A few Pictures of re:publica - before public opening. The sort-of-pyramide in the last one consisted of Monobloc Chairs which were meant to be carried around the event to create small workspaces, just for relaxing somewhere offside or to get extra seats for crowded panels.


I attended re:publica last Week in Berlin - though it´s Germany biggest Social Media-Happening, I felt really, really offline while being there. Amazing Conference, People, Location, Panels, Speakers and Organisation, already looking forward to 2013.

Last Weekend we went to see (somehow famous) Garden Britz in Neukölln´s South - I have never seen such a clean, pretty, neat and tidy Park in Berlin City. You should go there, it´s worth a Trip down
there - they also have water playgrounds there!

April 26, 2012


Due to the fact that my Cam still doesn´t work (and I can´t decide afford buying a new one), just some random Instagram Pics - the last Days were pretty much just about eating and being outside enjoying the warmth - and: I could keep on doing that.

(This Beer is brewed in Berlin, really tasty! Klick: Rollberger / Best Pizza in the Neighbourhood! )


Phew, everything´s working again over here - so: there will be a raft of Photos to catch up.

Update on the Weather here: Spring, 20 °C, sunny. Yeah!  Time for the first Strawberries.

April 24, 2012

# Help wanted!

Girls and Boys, I´m having difficulties uploading Pics for some Days now (also the reason for the 
missing updates here) - does anyone know why Photos all look like that after having them on the Server?